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About Us

The Forest Management Institute (FMI) is a government organization established by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic.
The FMI operates as a service of the Ministry of Agriculture for forestry.
The scope of the institution is nationwide, headquartered in Brandýs nad Labem.
The biggest task of the Institute is implementing the National Forest Inventory (NFI), the second cycle is in progress right now, including field measurements and evaluation of results.
Besides other things the FMI is further an authorized person pursuant to the Act No. 226/2013 Coll. on placing timber and timber products on the market and according to the Act No. 149/2003 Coll., on the marketing of forest reproductive material.
The FMI maintains a central database with information about forests of the Czech Republic, forest managment and hunting.
In addition, it continuously performs the tasks arising from its Foundation Deed.