Forest Pedagogy
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Forest Pedagogy

Based on the Foundation Deed the FMI executes educational activities. Forest pedagogy is one of tools of educational activity in forestry.
Forest pedagogy is environmental education on forest, relations and processes taking place in forests, forest managment and forest benefits to man. This is a forest pedagogy in respect to the general public.
Forestry pedagogy is executed by forestry pedagogues (specially trained foresters), who present to the public, children and adults, forest – own workplace and work.
Forestry pedagogy is designed for school groups from kindergarten to secondary school, parents with children, adults, seniors and groups with special educational needs.
The FMI also ensures the coordination of working group on forest pedagogy in the Czech Republic, which has been established by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic in 2007.
You can find on (also English) or on more information on forestry pedagogy including forest pedagogues contacts.
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