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Information And Data Centre

Information and Data Center executes the administration of the central database and archives on forests and game management in the Czech Republic which includes monitoring data and other related information.
Information and Data Center contains information that is in the field of forest managment collected after more than three decades. This data has been utilized for planning of economic measures in forests and its perspectives of development of these measures with regard to sustainable economy. The data in the database collected over several decades have, in terms of the uniqueness of such a digital archive of the Czech Republic, high information value.
Information and Data Center plays the role of provider of output for the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic in the field of forest managment.
The FMI Information Portal
The FMI operates information portals with different access character:
  • public part - with access for (not only) expert public,
  • private part - intended for state management of forests and game managment in the Czech Republic.
Information portal is divided into a Map Information Catalog and Catalog Data Information.
Publicly available resources:
  • Forest Map Summary (ownership ratios, storey, stocking, target managment set)
  • Forest Management Outlines
  • Regional Plans of Forest Development
  • Maps of Forest Health State in the Czech Republic of satellite images
  • Hunting Sectors of the Czech Republic
  • Overview Maps
  • The National Forest Inventory
  • General information layer administrative boundaries of municipalities with extended powers
Unlisted resources:
  • Hunting Portal
  • State Forest Administration Portal
  • Forest Management Portal
  • Forest Reproductive Material Portal
  • Regional Plans of Forest Development Portal including military forests and farms data, State Enterprice
FMI contact for Information and Data Center: Mr. Martin Bures Tato e-mailová adresa je chráněna před spamboty. Pro její zobrazení musíte mít povolen Javascript.