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Activity Subject of government organization

The Forest Management Institute with its headquarters in Brandýs nad Labem - Stará Boleslav, Nábřežní 1326
(Company identification number: 00020681)

1. The implementation of forest inventory in the country.
2. The surveying and administration of Regional Plans of Forest Development, including the execution of   uniform forest typologic system in the Czech Republic.
3. Providing information on forests and hunting to the Ministry of the Interior for regional authorities and municipal authorities of municipalities with extended competence.
4. The delimitation of forests under the emission influence.
5. The preparation of analyzes, methodologies, concepts and forecasts.
6. Processing departmental statistical statement sectors of forestry and hunting , including consulting and training activities .
7. The information assurance function and data center sectors of forestry and hunting, cooperation in the creation of the Information Forest Management Standard, creating a uniform geographic information system.
8. The assurance of advisory and services for the implementation of forest certification in the Czech Republic.
9. The assurance of scientific and technical development and training in the field of forest management , including participation in domestic projects and grants.
10. Consultancy, methodological and educational activities .
11. Participation in international activities and involvement in international projects.
12. Preparation of documents for the periodic report on the state of forests.
13. The active management employees‘ directory of the state administration, hunting, fishing and registration bodies responsible for the holding of examinations in hunting , college hunting tests and evaluating the results of these tests .
14. The check of hunted game through record keeping of selected seal .
15. The preparation of expert reports pursuant to the Act No. 36/1967 Coll ., on experts and interpreters as amended to the extent authorized expert in economics with a range of expert authorization valuation of land, permanent crops and damage to forest stands, operation and economics forest production and forest management in the field with a range of expert authorization forest treatment for state authorities and state enterprises that have the right to manage state forests .
16. The implementation of reprographic, cartographic, photogrammetric and bookbinding work.
17. Carrying out other tasks assigned by the founder including subtasks of research character.
18. Creation and management a hunting client web portal, that will contain in particular hunting statistics and records of hunted game seals.
19. The conduct of supervision, performance of professional tasks, classifying, change or removal of genetic resources into the National Programme for the protection and reproduction of the gene pool of tree species, saving the transfer of samples of endangered genetic resources , saving special security measures in the form of genetic resources or documentation of genetic resources from destruction, damage or theft, the control of the protection and reproduction of the gene pool of forest tree species and execution of professional tasks and exercising control in the management of reproductive material in accordance with the Act No. 149/2003 Coll ., on the marketing of forest reproductive material of forestry important species and artificial hybrids intended for forest regeneration and afforestation , and amending some related acts ( the Act on marketing in forest reproductive material ), as amended, and according to the Ministry of Agriculture authorization .
20. Management of central registration pursuant to Article 2d and 4, to Article 2g and 2, to Article 2i and 2, to Article 6 and 6, to Article 18 and 3, to Article 24 and 3  of the  Act No. 149/2003 Coll. to circulate forest reproductive material of forestry important species and artificial hybrids dedicated to reforestation and afforestation , and amending some related acts (the Act on marketing in forest reproductive material ), as amended .
21. Cooperation under an agreement with the State Agricultural Intervention Fund (SAIF ) in the performance of control activities provisions in terms of Article12a of the Act No. 256/2000 Coll . , the State Agricultural Intervention Fund and amending some other Acts (the Act on the State Agricultural Intervention Fund ) , as amended , it checks the correctness of the use of finantial fund use granted under aid schemes under Regulation ( EC ) No. 1698/2005 from 20th September 2005 on support for rural development by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development ( EAFRD) for  forestry .
22. The preparation of expert assessment as a basis for the audit function of the founder in accordance with the relevant provisions of Act No. 77/1997 Coll ., a state enterprise, as amended, including the preparation of expert assessment of state-owned enterprises, that have the right to manage the forests in state ownership.
23. The implementation of continous monitoring of the state and development of forest ecosystems.
24. The implementation of the professional activities listed in Article 10 of the Act No. 226/2003 Coll. placing timber and timber products on the market according to the Ministry of Agriculture.