About Us

The Forest Management Institute (FMI) is a government organization established by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic. The FMI operates as a service of the Ministry of Agriculture for forestry.
  • Vestibulum id ligula
  • Mattis Fringilla Ultricies
  • Egestas Fermentum
  • Adipiscing Vulputate
  • Ultricies Bibendum
  • Fringilla Quam Elit
  • Fermentum Tellus
  • Commodo Vestibulum

We are

The Forest Management Institute, a government organization established by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic. Our history began in 1935. Our biggest tasks are implementing the National Forest Inventory and maintaining a central database with information about forests of the Czech Republic. We have app. 400 employees. Our headquarters is in Brandýs nad Labem (close to Prague) and we have 9 branches all over the Czech Republic. More about us.

We Require

  • (Master’s) Degree in a forestry
  • Interest in working with modern dendrometrical equipment and GPS
  • Willingness to professional growth
  • Work both individually and as a part of a team
  • Driving licence

We Offer

  • Miscellaneous job content
  • Professional background, stability
  • Being a part of a good team
  • Accommodation
  • 5 week holidays


The Forest Management Institute with its headquarters in Brandýs nad Labem – Stará Boleslav, Nábřežní 1326
(Company identification number: 00020681)

The implementation of forest inventory in the country90%
The delimitation of forests under the emission influence100%
Consultancy, methodological and educational activities85%
Participation in international activities90%

Important Static

Export of raw wood thous. m³
Export increased year-on-year by
Mined in the CR m³
Annual increase of