Membership of International Organisations

FMI representatives are members of various international platforms. 

Forest Europe

FOREST EUROPE (also Ministerial Conference on the Protection of Forests in Europe) is a Pan-European voluntary high-level forest policy process. Since 1990, the aim has been to develop common strategies for the 46 signatories (45 European countries and the EU) on how to protect and sustainably manage forests.


ENFIN is currently a network of more than 30 different institutions from 29 European Countries.
National representatives to the network are leaders of the NFIs or have direct access to NFI information.

Integrate Network

Integrate Network is an alliance of representatives of different European countries that promotes the integration of nature conservation into sustainable forest management at the policy, practice and research level. The Integrate Network promotes the exchange of successful management practices and experiences amongst its Members.

Integrate Network connects more than 150 practical demonstration sites across. These so-called Marteloscope sites allow for versatile training applications and are thus not only of interest for forest practitioners of varying experience levels, but also for stakeholders from nature conservation associations, environmental organizations, educational institutions (e.g. universities, forest and agriculture schools), schools and society at large.

Virtual tree selections can be performed with the help of a tailored software running on hand held devices. Such exercises and their results can then help visualize complex decision-making processes while supporting a better understanding of forest management between conflicting interests for the provision of ecosystem services, such as wood production, biodiversity conservation, carbon sequestration, recreation or the protection against natural hazards.

Integrated forest management means combining the provision of several ecosystem services in one forest landscape. The Integrate Network focuses on one critical dimension of this integration: how to align biodiversity conservation and sustainable wood production.

Other Expert Groups