Catalogue of Map Information

The FMI Map Portal is a platform that serves the general public as a user-friendly tool for easy and quick access to selected graphical forest information.

It offers a wide range of map outputs that provide selected information to the professional and general public in a user-friendly web browser interface. The basic component of the map portal is the individual thematically focused map applications, which, with a few exceptions, are regularly updated.

Regional Plans of Forest Development

Layers serving as the groundwork for decision-making in forestry

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Hunting districts in the Czech Republic

Boundaries of hunting districts including the types of holders and users, without reference to numerical data on management from hunting records

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Information about the forest

Map compositions from the documents of Forest Management Plans and Simplified Forest Management Plans

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Simplified forest management plans

Simplified forest management plans (book and map)

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State and development of the forest by remote sensing

Outputs from remote sensing produced by the automated analysis of infra-red orthophotographs and digital surface model (nDSM)

Thematic outputs from remote sensing
Health trends

Health condition of forests by 2017

Evaluation of the health status of forests (infra-red index of the forest and maps of damage to forests, mortality, defoliation, danger, dynamics and trends in coniferous stands

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Forest projects
Projects assigned by the Ministry of Agriculture and implemented by FMI

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Other projects
Projects of significance in forestry

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Overview maps

Map overviews with the displayed boundaries of Natural Forest Regions, regions, authorized municipalities etc. in JPG format

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Potential danger to the forest

Map compositions from the documents of Forest Management Plans and Simplified Forest Management Plans, remote sensing and other sources

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State Forest Administration

Application for needs of State Forest Administration bodies. In this case, basic documents are the data of forest management plans and simplified forest management plans that are available to locally relevant state forest administration authorities.

State Administration of Hunting and Game Management

Application serves to view the game keeping hunting and non-hunting grounds, including the links to Mysl01 reports. Nowadays, only the current year is displayed.

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