State Forest and Game Management Administration Support

The FMI provides professional and technical support to authorized officers of the state administration of forests and game management with the authorities of municipalities with extended powers and regional offices of the Czech Republic.

Basic support provided without a written request

In order to provide technical support for performance management of state forests the FMI manages these applications available via the portal eAGRI (only in the Czech language):
• Data warehouse for state forest management
• MYSLiWeb – data warehouse for state game management administration
• Applications to support the professional forest managers (Calculation of compensation for professional forest managers work + List of professional forest manager licenses)
• The evidence of reproductive material ERMA2
• The current workers directory of state administration for forest management and game management

Basic support provided upon written request
• The preparation of documents for the processing of forest management outlines
• Formal monitoring data of forest management plans / outlines and comply with the forest management information standard before acceptance into the data warehouse
• The preparation of overview maps of forest ownership newly established and approved forest management plans /outlines in a digital format
• Cooperation in inspection and surveillance activities from the point of forest management view, including participation in investigations and negotiations
• The preparation of professional assessment during the term forest management plans / outlines
• The checking of data validity of forest management plans / outlines
• The monitoring of compliance with the Act No. 149/2003 Coll., on marketing of forest reproductive material, as amended
• The ensuring of data providing of regional forest development plans and forest management plans / outlines

Substandard support based on written request
• The preparation of expert opinions