Forest Management Counselling

The FMI provides counselling based on non-commercial basis in accordance with the Foundation Deed and the Concept of the Counselling System of the Ministry of Agriculture:

• for forest owners and their associations,
• for farming entities in the forests, professional forest managers, professional forestry organizations and the general forestry public,
• for forest state administration authorities,
• and for accredited counselors (methodological and information support)

particularly in the areas of:
• financial support for forestry,
• legal requirements for forest management,
• and the activities specified in the FMI Foundation Deed.

We provide counselling:
• by issuing publications,
• via these websites,
• by organizing training and information events, by holding lectures at events organized by our founder or partners,
• by direct, time-limited individual counselling,
• by providing of special counselling (within the specializations defined by the FMI Foundation Deed).

The FMI does not develop commercial activities, such as creating projects for applicants requesting financial support from the European Union funds.

FMI contact for forest management counselling: