Project in Georgia


The aim of the project is to implement sustainable forest management in the Aragvi Protected Landscape, which will fully and permanently ensure satisfaction of the needs of the local inhabitants related to the forest while preserving the ecological stability, the functional potential, and the natural development of forest ecosystems, including nature conservation.

The aim of the project is to contribute to preservation and natural development of montane forest ecosystems in the protected landscape in Georgia. In the long term, it will retain the existing biodiversity, ecological stability, and the capacity to fulfil all the forest functions (e.g. hydric, climatic, soil protection / erosion control, recreational, production) while the region will be developing.

The implementation of the proposed project will establish conscious/planned sustainable forest management, which will ensure long-term high ecological stability of the forest stands, the highest possible resistance and adaptability to climate change and will equally provide the local communities with all the production and non-production functions of the forest. The proposed project is expected to serve as a model for comprehensive solutions in the resembling parts of Georgia.

By implementing SFM through a forest management plan, the Aragvi forest administration will suitably locate logging operations, establish optimum volumes of logging, and differentiate the processes with respect to the type and state of the forest stands. During the implementation of the project, the actual forest administration established by the Dusheti Municipality, including the forestry university staff and foresters of NFA, will be continuously acquainted with the entire concept of the management system (from preparations to final processes). Upon completion of the project, they will be professionally trained and assisted in practice.