Forest Reproductive Material

The using of genetically and morphologically suitable forest reproductive material in artificial forest reproduction and afforestation is a condition for improving the health of forests, conservation of biological diversity and the fulfillment of all production and non-production functions of forests.

The issue is regulated by Act No. 149/2003 Coll. as amended and its implementing Decree No. 29/2004 Coll., as amended, Decree no. 393/2013 Coll. and Decree No. 132/2014 Coll. on marketing of forest reproductive material and protection and reproduction of forest tree genetic resources through the National Program in conservation and the reproduction of forest tree gene pool in the Czech Republic. The basis for legislation on the marketing of forest reproductive material is a European Directive No. 1999/105/EC on the marketing of forest reproductive material.

The FMI play the role of the authorized person in accordance with Article 30 of Act No. 149/2003 Coll. and among other things

  • coordinates the National Program in conservation and the reproduction of forest tree gene pool,
  • receives suppliers notification of the intended planting material collection, taking parts of plants and planting stock picking from natural regeneration and suppliers notification of the intended merge of reproductive material of plants and taking part in the subsequent vegetative propagation,
  • is entitled to be present when collecting seed material, taking parts of plants or picking planting stock of natural regeneration from recognized sources of reproductive material categories identified, selected, qualified and tested,
  • issues a master certificate of the material obtained from approved basic materials and keeps the records,
  • recognizes the resource identified, selected, qualified and tested reproductive material, prolongs time for approval and cancels approval,
  • authorizes felling planned cutting of the approved basic materials where the protective period has been determined
  • declares the gene bases and specifies the management in the gene bases
  • fulfill the rights and obligations that results from directly applicable European Union Directive, and others.

The FMI operates the data system of Evidence of Reproductive Material (ERMA)

containing the list of issued master certificates of reproductive material, the register of suppliers, announced by the central register of gene basis and register of approved basic materials material of the Czech Republic (partially publicly accessible).

The obligations in the marketing between the Member States of the European Union

The supplier of reproductive material from the Czech Republic to another EU Member State is obliged to inform the authorized person from the FMI on reproductive material expedition within 1 month from the expedition date in the information document, which template is given in the Appendix No.2 of Law No. 149/2003 Coll.

Recipient of reproductive material from another Member State of the European Union has an obligation to keep a record of the reproductive material in accordance with § 24 of Act No. 149/2003 Coll.

Imports of reproductive material into the EU

Imports of reproductive material for release into free marketing customs regime can be made only on the basis of:

• approval of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic
• Decision of the Council of the European Union on the equivalence of forest reproductive material produced in the third countries.