Web map service

Web map service (WMS) is a standardized service by means of which spatial data can be shared on the Internet in the form of raster outputs. The service is operated on the principle of two machines (client – server) on the network. It is characterized in the WSDL machine-processable format. Other machines communicate with the web service by way that is prescribed in the service description, i.e. by means of the SOAP protocol, transported using the other, already established protocols.

All map materials listed here and other map data on forests in the Czech Republic are part of map presentations prepared by FMI.

Advantage of using WMS is a possibility of adding further map layers and creating map compositions defined by the user. Imaging by means of WMS can be used in softwares intended for working with GIS or in special applications that are integrated in web browsers, e.g. geoportal.cuzk.cz (State Administration of Land Surveying and Cadastre – ČZÚK) or National INSPIRE Geoportal.