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National Forest Inventory

National Forest Inventory (NFI)   NFI is an independent survey on the state and development of forests. The aim of NFI is to provide comprehensive data on the state of forests in the Czech Republic, both in terms of environmental sustainability and in terms of economic use. The Czech Republic was included among the European states […]

EU Timber Regulation

EU Regulation No. 995/2010 on the placing timber and timber products on the market, valid throughout the European Union since March 2013. The aim of this regulation is to prevent illegally harvested timber on the EU markets. Anyone who place timber and timber products on the EU market, the regulation as a major obligation to […]

Regional Plans of Forest Development

Regional Plans of Forest Development (RPFD) are methodological tool of state forest policy recommending principles of forest management, especially in the creation and approval of forest management plans and outlines. RPFD are embodied in article 23 paragraph 1 of the Law No. 289/1995 Coll., on forests and on amendments to certain laws. RPFD are processed […]

Forest Typology

Forest typology as a basic discipline of forest management deals with the classification of permanent ecological conditions. It divides forests into segments with similar growth conditions, evaluates these conditions and draws conclusions for appropriate forest management. The evaluation of permanent character environment (light, temperature, water regime and soil chemistry) and the reconstruction of the natural […]

State Forest and Game Management Administration Support

The FMI provides professional and technical support to authorized officers of the state administration of forests and game management with the authorities of municipalities with extended powers and regional offices of the Czech Republic. Basic support provided without a written request In order to provide technical support for performance management of state forests the FMI […]

Forest Reproductive Material

The using of genetically and morphologically suitable forest reproductive material in artificial forest reproduction and afforestation is a condition for improving the health of forests, conservation of biological diversity and the fulfillment of all production and non-production functions of forests. The issue is regulated by Act No. 149/2003 Coll. as amended and its implementing Decree […]

Forest Management Counselling

The FMI provides counselling based on non-commercial basis in accordance with the Foundation Deed and the Concept of the Counselling System of the Ministry of Agriculture: • for forest owners and their associations, • for farming entities in the forests, professional forest managers, professional forestry organizations and the general forestry public, • for forest state administration authorities, […]

Information Data Center

Information Data Center executes the administration of the central database and archives on forests and game management in the Czech Republic which includes monitoring data and other related information. Information Data Center contains information that is in the field of forest management collected after more than three decades. This data has been utilized for planning […]

Remote sensing

The use of remote sensing methods has a long tradition at ÚHÚL which dates back to the 1980s. A significant development in this area was connected with the second cycle of the National Forest Inventory. In 2009, a specialised remote sensing workplace was established at the Frýdek-Místek branch and its professional and processing scope is […]

International Activities

The FMI history of international collaboration dates back to the 1950s. The first significant international project was the inventory of forests in Mongolia in 1956. A number of other forest surveys followed particularly in Africa and Asia. Currently, an FMI project of international development collaboration is being implemented in Georgia (2021-2024), and FMI representatives are […]
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